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The Best Instagram Downloader Application on Android Yet

Automatically detects copied instagram links and downloads media. Image and videos are not shown on Gallery. You are able to save photo and video to gallery at any time.

Easily Repost image and video directly from the application.

Fast and reliable organizer utility.


Night Mode Screen Dimmers

Night Mode gives you ability minimize screen brightness more than you able from standard android settings.

Smartphones with OLED displays can save battery up to 10% depending on usage time.

Reduce hurt to your eyes when using at night or in

Application's small size and minimal operating power consumption will not disturb your everyday usage of your phone.

Sleep App Sounds for Colic Babies

Sleep App - Sounds for Colic Babies

"Sleep App for Colic Babies" lets you recreate the atmosphere which will make babies feel like they are in a mother womb. So your babies will feel confident.

You can adjust the auto shutdown timer or play it infinetly. If you set time the application will close when the time is over.

Application is always active while you use your phone, even at the offscreen condition.

Use a notification bar to immediately switch off the sound and stop the application without opening the application itself.


Whale - the biggest mammal living on earth now. Humanity must be more responsible towards nature and be worry about future of its kind. "Nature can live without us but we can't"



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